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Writing and Composition Workshop (SPANLANG 102) is designed for advanced students with a good understanding of spelling and syntax. In this course, we focus on the craft of writing, including brainstorming, planning, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing. Spanish majors write mostly on literary or cultural topics, while non-majors may choose to explore topics relevant to their respective academic specialties.

The course may be complemented by an optional, community-engaged service learning (199SL) component in which students are paired with a Spanish-speaking Stanford worker to co-create digital stories about the worker's life experiences. Spanlang 199SL counts as a Cardinal Course (certified by the Haas Center).

Spanlang 102 may be taken concurrently with courses in the Spanish major, so that this course acts as a workshop for writing to be completed for the concurrent Spanish course. For further information, contact Hae-Joon Won at or Ali Miano at

For information about the Digital Storytelling Project with Spanish-speaking Stanford workers, click here.