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The Structure of Spanish (SPANLANG 101) is a third-year course in the study and analysis of the Spanish language. The course may be complemented by an optional, community-engaged service learning (199SL) component in which students are paired with a Spanish-speaking Stanford worker to co-create digital stories about the worker's life experiences. Spanlang 199SL counts as a Cardinal Course (certified by the Haas Center).

In this class, students closely analyze Spanish grammatical structure; they learn linguistic terminology to identify word functions and sentence types in texts. This course also explores the distinction between Spanish grammar as a formal system and its grammar in everyday life. For further information, consult the Spanlang 101 Course Calendar and Syllabus or contact Ali Miano at For information about the Digital Storytelling Project with Spanish-speaking Stanford workers, click here.

Spanlang 101 is offered in the Winter Quarter.