Third Year


In The Structure of Spanish (SPANLANG 101), students closely analyze Spanish grammatical structure; they learn linguistic terminology to identify word functions and sentence types in texts. This course also explores the distinction between Spanish grammar as a formal system and its grammar in everyday life. The course is offered in the Autumn Quarter. Contact Ali Miano at for further information.

Composition and Writing Workshop (SPANLANG 102) allows students to prepare and write essays on topics associated with their academic areas of interest. Non-Spanish majors write on topics related to their academic disciplines, while Spanish majors may write on literary or cultural topics. The prerequisite is Spanish 13 or the equivalent. This course is offered in the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters and may be taken concurrently with courses in the Spanish major, so that this course acts as a workshop for writing to be completed for a concurrent Spanish course. For further information, contact Vivian Brates at or Ali Miano at

Community Engagement Component (SPANLANG 101SL and SPANLANG 102SL) Both courses offer an optional community engagement component in which students are paired with a Spanish-speaking Stanford worker to co-create digital stories about the worker's life experiences. Students who want to participate in this project should enroll in SPANLANG 101SL or SPANLANG 102SL. Spanlang 101SL and 102SL are Cardinal Courses (certified by the Haas Center).

Click here for further information on our digital storytelling project or contact Ali Miano at or Vivian Brates at