Websites that accompany our textbooks and course activities:

  Typing accents:


  Online Dictionaries and References:

  Spanish Search Engines:

  Chat Rooms and Discussion Fora:

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  Online Radio and Television:

  Local Radio:

  • Radio Única KIQI 1010 AM (Mostly talk radio)
  • La Caliente 94.1FM & 1450 AM (Mostly rancheras)
  • La Calle 100.7 & 105.7 FM (Mostly reggaetón)
  • Radio Sol 98.9 / 99.1 FM (Mostly pop)
  • La Nueva Radio Romántica KBRG 100.3 FM (Mostly ballads and pop)

  Local Television (Check your local Cable listings):

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  Newspapers and Online News:

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  Culture and Museum Links:


  Human Rights:



  Science and Technology:


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  General Language Learning Resources in Spanish:


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Updated 9/9/20
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