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The Spanish Language Program at Stanford is one of the most ambitious language programs in the country. It is based not only on current research in second language acquisition, but also on an understanding of the extraordinary talents and abilities that Stanford students bring to the study of language.

The principal goal of the entire program is to help students develop their proficiency so that at the end of the second year of study, they can effectively participate alongside native Spanish speakers at universities throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

As a proficiency-based program guided by the Stanford Language Center, our program emphasizes what students can do with language rather than simply what they know about it. It is likewise standards-based—meaning that its Curricular Objectives for learner proficiency are based on the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.

Honor Society.  We house a chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish language honor society. Beyond completing second year and having an excellent GPA, you will need to complete at least one literature course taught in Spanish to be elected. Contact Hae-Joon Won, hwon@stanford.edu, for more information.

Fellowship Opportunities. We want you to study abroad during and after your Stanford experience. An important way to prepare yourself for these great opportunities is to keep in touch with Bechtel International Center for updated information regarding prestigious international fellowships and scholarships. Contact https://bechtel.stanford.edu/overseas-scholarships.