Spanish for Home-Background Speakers

The Spanish for Home-background Speakers (SBHS) series (SPANLANG 21B, 22B, and 23B) is designed for students whose greatest exposure to Spanish has been in the home or community rather than the classroom. The SHBS program is pedagogically and methodologically structured to develop the oral and written language skills of Spanish home-background speakers, building on the linguistic knowledge that home-background speakers already bring to the classroom to rapidly develop their skills in a supportive and positive environment. For further information, contact Ana Sierra at

Writing and Composition Workshop for Heritage Language Students (SPANLANG 102B) is designed for home-background speakers with a good understanding of written accents, spelling, and syntax. In this course, we focus on the craft of writing, including brainstorming, planning, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing. Spanish majors write mostly on literary or cultural topics, while non-majors may choose to explore topics relevant to their respective academic specialties. Spanlang 102B may be taken concurrently with courses in the Spanish major, so that this course acts as a workshop for writing to be completed for a concurrent Spanish course. In years when Spanlang 102B is not offered, heritage language students should take Spanlang 102. For further information, contact Ali Miano at

Spanish for Heritage and Foreign Language Pre-Med and Public Health Students (SPANLANG 131M) prepares students with advanced proficiency in Spanish to work directly with native Spanish-speakers on health-related issues. Designed for heritage language students as well as classroom learners with a high degree of oral proficiency, this course is ideal for those with an interest in general health, public health, or premedicine. Students design, present and discuss health issues in concert with members of a local Spanish-speaking community. This course is not currently being offered. Please contact Ana Sierra for further information.