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Stanford Workers Share Their Wisdom and Life Experiences

The Spanish Language Program's Digital Storytelling Project pairs students from two courses, Spanlang 101SL and Spanlang 102SL, with a Spanish-speaking Stanford worker to co-create digital stories about the workers' lives. Students earn credit for a Cardinal Course (certified by the Haas Center) and gain valuable insights into the important contributions and rich life experiences of Stanford workers. Workers, in turn, co-create digital stories to share with their families or to feature on this page, according to each worker's individual preference.

For further information, contact:

  • Spanish Language Program Coordinator Ali Miano at
  • Spanish Language Program Adjunct Coordinator Vivian Brates at
  • Spanlang 101SL is offered each Winter Quarter, and Spanlang 102SL is offered each Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter.