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About This Track:

Spanish Language and Service Learning (SPANLANG 12SL) integrates the opportunity to engage in Spanish with local high school students, reinforcing the relevance of students' coursework to everyday life and community. Spanlang 12SL students work together with Spanish language learners and heritage speakers at East Palo Alto Academy on a project involving art, poetry, or the environment. This course is designated as a Cardinal Course by the Haas Center and is also a Ways course that fulfills the Engaging Diversity (ED) requirement. For further information contact Citlalli Del Carpio at

Listen to a podcast about the pilot version of this course

Watch an East Palo Alto Academy student perform a rap he created during the project

Watch students at their culminating gala event

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What Students Say:

"Most classes at Stanford don't get you outside of the classroom, but this one does. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with the community of East Palo Alto, which is so close...yet so far in our minds."

"I gained a greater understanding of the community of East Palo Alto and...Latin American culture through art and poetry."

"Not only was I able to practice my Spanish, but I had the opportunity to meet and interact with Spanish speakers and learn about their community."

"The interaction with the native Spanish speakers was definitely the most effective manner through which I improved my Spanish during this course."

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