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About This Track:

Spanish Language and Service Learning (SPANLANG 11SL) integrates the opportunity to engage in Spanish with native speakers, reinforcing the relevance of students' coursework to everyday life and community. This course is designated as a Cardinal Course by the Haas Center and is also a Ways course that fulfills the Engaging Diversity (ED) requirement.

During academic year 2021-2022, our class will continue to interact with the Spanish-speaking staff and clients of the Mountain View Dayworker Center. To learn more about the Center, watch the documentary Borderless Dreams. For further information about the course, contact Ali Miano at

What Students Say about the Dayworker Center of Mountain View:

"We were able to converse with members of El Centro Jornalero about different aspects of life, with a focus on social justice issues such as racial justice and disparities in health services. We were also able to learn a lot about migrant worker communities and form meaningful connections through asking questions about their lives."

"Speaking with members from the day worker center and learning about their past and experiences in the United States and the countries where they were born, I really got to know the people there and it was a great experience."

"For my composition, I was able to talk with some members from el Centro about the topic and how it affected their lives, allowing me to see a real-world perspective outside of my research."

What Students Say about the Boys & Girls Club:

"It was interesting to interact with the students and learn about communities that are so close to where I go to school yet vastly different from the bubble I live in."

"This course greatly improved my confidence in speaking Spanish in real-life settings in a low-stress manner. If you want to improve...while also engaging in a powerful cultural experience, this class will be great for you."

"I loved getting to apply what I had learned, working with kids, getting out into the community, learning about other cultures and beliefs, escaping the bubble, and using my Spanish."

"Go as often to the Boys & Girls Club as possible!"

"It made my week every week."

"I loved getting to apply my Spanish. My Spanish had sort of plateaued after only using Spanish in Spanish classes, and this course helped me get by that."

"We talk a lot about immigration in class, and so to interact with the children of immigrants, and see how these themes play out in art and culture really deepened my understanding of the issue. Essentially, I was exposed to a Spanish-speaking culture in a much more intimate way than before (in conversation especially), and this helped me understand some key themes of the class."

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