Second Year > Attendance Policy

Students are to attend and actively participate in all hours of language instruction. In second-year Spanish, this means 40 hours per quarter. Unless you are in class to hear spoken Spanish geared to your level of acquisition, you will not acquire the ability to understand and interact in the language.

Given the complexity of distinguishing between the concept of 'excused' versus 'unexcused' absences, the Language Center guidelines refer only to 'absences.' The record of absences is not included in the grading scale (i.e., the performance grade) but rather in the overall final grade.

For the first two absences, each absence of one class hour will result in a 1% deduction from the final class grade; for all subsequent absences, 3% per hour missed will be deducted, i.e., missing a week of class (8%) = a 92% ceiling for calculating a final grade. As an example, a performance grade of 90% with 2 class (4 hours') absences is equal to 82% as the final grade.

If students expect or even anticipate exiting from classes for some reason (such as athletic performances or job interviews), they should choose to take a language class during some other quarter.

Students who will miss class for official University-sponsored activities should notify their instructor during the first week of class regarding the date(s) of expected absence(s) and the official activity involved.

Number of Hours Absent Deduction from final grade
0 0%
1 1%
2 2%
3 5%
4* 8%

*3 percentage points taken off the final grade for each successive hour's absence

Note that three tardies are taken as equal to one hour's absence.

Any tardy of more than 15 minutes will count as one hour's absence.