First Year > Spanlang 2 > Progress Card: Presentational Objectives

Below is a list of goals for Spanish 2 student progress in presentational language. Use this checklist as your "Progress Card" to track your development in Spanish. As you learn to do each item, note your confidence level in performing each task. We suggest that you practice and review these objectives with your native-speaking conversation partner and with your instructor.

Download a printable version of the entire Progress Card with interpersonal, intrepretive and presentational objectives.

Language Learning Objectives: Click on an objective for a list of key phrases to learn See text pages Examples in context (text, audio and video samples) Your confidence level: 1 (low) to 5 (high)
I can...
present a rehearsed oral report, 7-10 minutes long, on a topic related to Latinas/os in the U.S.      
answer questions about my oral presentation      
write 2-page reports on topics related to Latinas/os in the U.S.      
write about my      
- interests and concerns      
- intentions      
- wishes and preferences      
- opinions      
- future plans      
- friends and acquaintances      
write about:      
- the interests of others and of the community at large      
- the future plans of others and of the community at large      
- experiences and events      
make comparisons in writing      
edit my work based on material covered in class or in the textbook      
edit my work for frequent errors