First Year > Spanlang 2A > Progress Card: Interpersonal Objectives

Below is a list of goals for Spanish 2A student progress in interpersonal language. Use this checklist as your "Progress Card" to track your development in Spanish. As you learn to do each item, note your confidence level in performing each task. You will want to practice and review these objectives repeatedly on your own, with your native-speaking conversation partner, and with your instructor.

Download a printable version of the entire Progress Card with interpersonal, intrepretive and presentational objectives.

Language Learning Objectives: Click on an objective for a list of key phrases to learn See text pages Examples in context (text, audio and video samples) Your confidence level: 1 (low) to 5 (high)
I can...
address people appropriately according to their age and how well I know them      
make polite comments to people (e.g., "Thank you so much for your help," or "I truly appreciate your generosity.")      
initiate conversations with strangers and acquaintances      
appropriately introduce new topics in a conversation      
interact with strangers and acquaintances on the telephone:

talking on the telephone

inquiring over the phone about an apartment for rent

video and text: interact with strangers and acquaintences on the telephone (Ecuador)  
express emotions such as sympathy, admiration, anger or surprise 12A video: Elmo y el actor mexicano Diego Luna expresan sus emociones
ask for favors      
give, accept, or reject apologies 8A
offer assistance 7B    
suggest or give advice 10A video: Nutrition advice (Spain)


express opinions   video and text: "El Progreso" (song) by Roberto Carlos  
express (lack of) agreement 10B    
express future plans      
share doubts      
clarify and restate information      
make comparisons      
search for an apartment:
describe the type of apartment I'd like      
describe the type of roommate I'd like      
inquire about the rent and terms of payment    
make travel arrangements (11A, 13A):
purchase airline tickets      
inquire about fares      
inquire about destinations      
ask for a one-way or a round trip ticket